Thursday, May 3, 2007

Long day... long week...

For the past two weeks, Becca has had severe abdominal cramping and burning when she urinates. Because of her bladder cancer history, and the fact that she is only 16, our first fear was that the cancer had either come back or had moved to another area. Tests have shown that it hasn't, thank God! However she still had the severe cramping and now our thoughts have turned toward it being PCOS related.

So, Tuesday we headed to Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh for a vaginal ultrasound and internal exam. They again found the polycystic ovaries, but could not find anything else unusual that would lead them to the abdominal pain. They were suggesting that it was a pulled muscle and suggested that we see a Physical Therapist....

We then went back to Indiana Regional Medical Center for a CT scan on Wednesday. They found two large cysts on each ovary and thought that perhaps that was what had been causing the pain. My first question was, how come the vaginal ultrasound didn't pick them up??? They don't know.

Fast forward to today... .Becca starts her period. It actually started last night and was pretty heavy this morning. Becca normally doesn't have periods... she's had maybe a handful since she turned 12 and they have always been very, very light. She messaged me while she was at school that she had gone through several tampons already and was not feeling well. I didn't hear from her again until early afternoon when she informed me that she had gone through 8 tampons and 4 pads in a matter of hours! I called her gyn and she immediately told me to go to the ER.... she's hemorrhaging!

So, off to the ER we go. She was scared, she was cramping, her stomach was upset and she was very lightheaded. After an exam and some blood work, we're told she isn't anemic, she's given progesterone, told to take iron pills and we're sent home. She was borderline to needed a blood transfusion, but said if she took it easy and the pills helped to slow the bleeding, she'd be okay. If it continued through morning, we were told to come back.... They feel the cramping was from her body trying to ovulate. The severe bleeding is the lining of the uterus that was extremely thick and had started to shed on its own, rather than from the hormonal cycle that normal women have each month. That led to the hemorrhaging.

So, we're home. She's resting and hoping and praying the bleeding at least slows down before tomorrow, because tomorrow is the Prom! Her very first. And she doesn't want to be running to the bathroom every half hour to change!

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