Sunday, March 23, 2008


I often joke about being addicted to chocolate. Sometimes I think that I truly am because I'll feel like I can't make it through the day without some chocolate! I can laugh about it, but in all honesty, you can be addicted to sugar.

Many women who are overweight are in fact addicted to sugar. White refined sugar is not a food. It is a chemical. It can be a drug addiction. Yes, that’s right, an addictive drug and when you remove it from your diet you can experience withdrawal symptoms as excruciating and serious as alcohol withdrawal, including tremors, flu like symptoms, headaches, and mood swings so intense you would darn near kill for a chocolate bar. Some say it is as addictive as heroin.

I'm not trying to make light of those who need substance abuse treatment. Drug addiction is a very serious issue all over the world. Luckily there are places that you can go to get help for addiction recovery. But we also need to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies every day... foods that we purchase right at the grocery store. There aren't any drug treatment centers specifically for sugar addiction since sugar is a very legal and constantly used product in the foods that we eat.

Be aware of what you put in your mouth on a daily basis... try giving up that chocolate bar, and putting down that Easter Egg... your body will love you for it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Candy!

Ugh!!! I HATE/LOVE Easter Candy! Why, oh why does it have to be so good??? I was doing so well until I bought the girls candy for their baskets.... They each told me they didn't want a lot of candy this year, which was great with me, so I got them a few things, and then bought them some jewelry and gave them each a gift certificate to Walmart so they can get something they want.

But... that stupid candy has just been calling my name!!! We had ordered candy from my nephew and got the delicious miniature chocolate easter eggs today... oh my, they just melt in your mouth! And while I was getting the girls baskets together, wouldn't you know it, there was an uneven number! What's a mother to do??? I can't give one girl more candy than the other, right? So I just HAD to eat it! right? am I right???

Okay, this week is going to be a week of extra exercising, I can see that right now!

Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Down two pounds!

Well, the gym is working! I'm down two pounds this week. Woo Hoo! Jilli and I went three times last week. We didn't get to go over the weekend, but we plan to go at least three times this week.

I've been working hard on cutting out the sweets and I've been trying to eat more protein with each meal. I bought some of the Special K Protein water and I've been drinking that with my meals because I'm not the best at planning protein in with my food.

There are 62 days till our cruise! I'd really like to lose 10 pounds, but 15 would be fantastic! I've got two months to do it, so I should be able to. But it's going to take work and commitment.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Working in the gym....

My daughter Jillian is trying out for the volleyball team. She really, really wants to make it this year, but they have 60 girls trying out for 30 spots, so half the girls won't make it. Jillian has always been a petite girl, but has grown several inches in the past two years, so now she's all legs and arms! lol!

So, she decided that she wanted to start working out to build up her stamina. We have a local Community Center with a really nice gym, so she and I have been going several days a week. I enjoy the treadmill more than anything else, but I also like the stationary bike. Jillian likes the treadmill too but also likes to work out on the weight machines as well.

There are a lot of men and women that come in while we are there... most of them are in very good shape. I can't help but wonder if they use some sort of supplement when they work out... I've heard of being able to purchase cheap supplements online through a company in Australia. They carry Redbak products which are supposed to be the best protein products in Australia.

Jillian finds out Monday after practice if she makes the team or not, so she really worked out hard today, and wants us to go back tomorrow too. If she makes it, she'll have practice every single night after school, or a game, so she'll definitely be in great shape by the end of the season! If she doesn't, she still plans to go to the gym often, so that she's in better shape next year....

I'm very proud of her, either way!