Saturday, March 8, 2008

Working in the gym....

My daughter Jillian is trying out for the volleyball team. She really, really wants to make it this year, but they have 60 girls trying out for 30 spots, so half the girls won't make it. Jillian has always been a petite girl, but has grown several inches in the past two years, so now she's all legs and arms! lol!

So, she decided that she wanted to start working out to build up her stamina. We have a local Community Center with a really nice gym, so she and I have been going several days a week. I enjoy the treadmill more than anything else, but I also like the stationary bike. Jillian likes the treadmill too but also likes to work out on the weight machines as well.

There are a lot of men and women that come in while we are there... most of them are in very good shape. I can't help but wonder if they use some sort of supplement when they work out... I've heard of being able to purchase cheap supplements online through a company in Australia. They carry Redbak products which are supposed to be the best protein products in Australia.

Jillian finds out Monday after practice if she makes the team or not, so she really worked out hard today, and wants us to go back tomorrow too. If she makes it, she'll have practice every single night after school, or a game, so she'll definitely be in great shape by the end of the season! If she doesn't, she still plans to go to the gym often, so that she's in better shape next year....

I'm very proud of her, either way!

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