Friday, January 4, 2008

Exercise Bands...

I love using exercise bands! I started using them when I purchased the Slim In 6 DVD set last year. The thing I like best about it is that you don't really feel like you're getting a work out! lol! You should use strength training every other day with a good cardio workout on the opposite days.

I found a great workout guide over at called We Found It! The Fastest Way To Sculpt. This is what I want! I have 6 weeks to get back in shape for our trip to Florida with the marching band. We leave Feb. 12th and I started working out again on January 1st... So I have exactly 6 weeks!

I started with the gazelle and elliptical machine in the evenings and I'm doing Slim in 6 and the bands in the morning while the girls are getting ready for school. My goal is to be back to where I was last summer so that I look pretty good in my bathing suit. I'm at the 'kind of sore' stage right now after 4 straight days of exercise! lol! But I am bound and determined to lose the weight I gained since Halloween.

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