Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Do PCOS Women Have Low Vitamin D Levels?

Vitamin D deficiency appears to occur frequently in women with PCOS, and may be a contributing factor to some of the biochemical abnormalities seen in this condition.

In a study of 13 women with PCOS, five were found to have obvious vitamin D deficiency and three others had borderline-low vitamin D status.(1) All 13 women were treated with vitamin D2 at a dose of 50,000 IU once or twice a week, and also received 1,500 mg of supplemental calcium per day.

Of the nine women with absent or irregular menstruation prior to vitamin D treatment, seven experienced normalization of their menstrual cycles within two months and the other two became pregnant. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding also resolved within two months in both cases in which it had been present.

Other studies have shown that some women with polycystic ovary syndrome had sub-optimal levels of vitamin D.(2,3) Low vitamin D has been clearly linked to insulin resistance and obesity.

In other words, the heavier you are and the more insulin resistant you are, the more likely it is that your vitamin D is too low.


~ Tarra ~ said...

Hi Bev! Thank YOU for visiting my blog! I am so happy that you found some help, or at least something interesting to read there :-) Your daughter is blessed to have a mom who is going to help her to not end up like ME. Of course we knew nothing about PCOS when I was developing it and my mom still doesn't know much about it, but as a mother of a young girl TODAY there is enough info out there for us to be able to help our daughters to stop it before it gets bad. HUGS!!!!! Be sure to check out too!

angelina diaz said...

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