Monday, December 24, 2007

Alternative exercise?

A couple weeks ago, Jillian went to the local Martial Arts Academy for a Girl Scout meeting where they would learn self defense in order to earn a badge. She loved it! They got to learn all kind of neat moves and all the girls wanted to sign up for classes!

That really isn't a bad idea. Whether you're a young girl, or an adult, there's a lot you can learn about self-defense from Martial Arts. However, you need to be careful about which programs you get into. Are you looking for self defense? or just goofing around?

I found a site online that offers Close Combat Training that you can learn through DVD's in the privacy of your home. They state that you can find out the truth about Martial Arts from their site. Many people mistakenly believe that women cannot effectively defend themselves. That is a myth that Captain Chris' Close Combat program would gladly like to bust.

Captain Chris is the world leader in Self Defense. You can read his story of why he developed this system on his website at It's a very interesting story of how he thought he was extremely well trained, but after being attacked, he realized he wasn't trained as well as he thought and spent a lot of money to search for the "real" answer to martial arts and self defense.

Now it's available to the public. Check it out! It could save your life!

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