Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Support group for PCOS!

Finally! A support group for those with PCOS!

I've been a member of an online support group called MDJunction.com for Becca's headache problems. It has been a wonderful source of information and comfort to know that others are going through the same thing she is. They have over 600 different support groups available!

I noticed that they didn't have one for PCOS, so I wrote to the owner to ask about it. He told me that several other people had asked about it as well, so they've recently added it!

So, you can go to PCOS Support Forums and join in on the discussions there! Hope to see you there!


littlehawk said...

I have some questions. I know that with PCOS we are supposed to be eating "good" carbs and a healthy, well balanced mix of whole foods. That said, it doesn't seem to matter, good or bad carbs, if I eat too many in a day, I get stomach burn and too many for me seems to be two servings a day. Does anyone else deal with this? Also, it doesn't matter what kind of carb, if I eat two or more a day, my cravings sky rocket. I think something is wrong that I can't eat more than two servings of carbs a day. I know they say certain fruit is ok, but I can't seem to eat more than one a day or I have problems. Thanks for any input/ideas.

Iceni said...

I have PCOS and as a result I am extremely depressed because there are so many symptoms to deal with I can hardly keep up. I am afraid to comb, wash or have someone touch my hair because it falls out in bulks. I have acne problems and recently facial hair has been popping up, not forgetting the nagging pain have experience from time to time. Is there anything better than Metformin?