Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Birth of a Butterfly

PCOS can be very dark and lonely. I don't know the author of this poem, but it was shared with me by a fellow cyster.
"Birth of a Butterfly"

Locked in the dark
I struggle to see
To break the chains
And set myself free

Such a long battle
With no end in sight
I fight to break loose
I fight to see light

I scream from my prison
But nobody hears
The silence around me
Intensifies my fears

Struggling alone
In my little cocoon
I finally break free
And crawl out on my own

My heart once was locked
By my dark memory
I found a bright light
And I turned the key

I learned to love
And came to realize
How beautiful I am
In my very own eyes

What I saw outside
Was not the real me
Just a shell that held
The woman I could be

I saw my potential
My personality
I focused on ME
And I set myself free

I stretch my wings
And begin to fly
Finally I am
A beautiful Butterfly!

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